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 Charlatan:  Cris Mazza’s New and Selected Stories

“Mazza’s newest works stand first and foremost as a supremely accomplished body of individual artistry. Again and again, what this collection showcases is Mazza’s rarest of talents: the ability to leave judgment out of exploration. . . . An impressive compendium of an important career—Mazza’s work shines.” —kirkus reviews ( starred review )

“The genius of Cris Mazza is to overturn every applecart she can reach.” —luis alberto urrea

“Cris Mazza takes no prisoners — and we wouldn’t want it any other way.” —rilla askew

“And now may you find way into the complexities, and convolutions, the deeply moving investigations at the heart of the work of Cris Mazza.” —rick moody



“Startling, candid, revelatory and revealing, but most of all brilliant — the collected stories of Cris Mazza are essential reading.”

—christine sneed, author of The Virginity of Famous Men


“One of the most widely published women writers of contemporary experimental prose, Cris Mazza is prolific but never predictable. Borrowing from her extensive catalog of award-winning fiction, this collection of new and selected stories highlights her luminous career of groundbreaking prose.  Marked with candor and brilliance, these provocative and introspective stories take risks and dare to delve into sexual politics and psychological realism in a way that challenges the formulas of mainstream fiction while offering a unique perspective on what it means to be female in America.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in experimental prose, literary fiction, or the depiction of women in contemporary culture.”

—aimee parkison, author of Refrigerated Music for a Gleaming Woman


“[These stories] are remarkable for the force and freedom of their imaginative style. Ms. Mazza’s characterizations often have the stark quality of black-and-white sketches. And her portraits of suffering are tempered with a fey humor.”

new your times book review on Animal Acts (1989)  

“Literary sitcoms from hell . . . Ms. Mazza is a subversive, anarchistic writer . . . hardly forgettable.”
wall street journal on Is It Sexual Harassment Yet? (1991)

“ . . . similar to watching a porno flick and a game show simultaneously.”
columbus dispatch on Revelation Countdown (1993)

“[L]anguage in this short story collection cuts right to the bone
. . . With delicious satire, Mazza . . . illustrates our human frailties
and oddities, showing us that keeping our eyes and hearts open
is the best defense.”
library journal on Former Virgin (1998)

“ . . . pivotal moments in the lives of . . . emotionally fragile and
isolated characters . . . stifled and stymied, repressed, suppressed,
hung-up and damaged, lacking the imagination and courage for
adult relationships. [T]hese stories reflect those complicated and
divisive years with humor and insight.”
the short review on Trickle-Down Timeline (2009)