New From Cris Mazza

Fall 2017


New and Selected Stories

“Mazza’s newest works stand first and foremost as a supremely accomplished body of individual artistry. Again and again, what this collection showcases is Mazza’s rarest of talents. . . . An impressive compendium of an important career—Mazza’s work shines.”

— starred kirkus review

Cris Mazza’s work has often been regarded as “disturbing” for its exploration of sexual politics, victimhood, personal accountability, and acts of sexual violence. With 22 stories, plus an introduction by Gina Frangello and a foreword by Rick Moody, Charlatan charts the development of a dynamic body of fiction by a writer due for discovery by millennial readers unsatisfied by mainstream feminism.

“After long fearing I’d slipped into this profession with fake credentials, I’ve now realized my charlatan-complex was sustained for the wrong reason. My original assumption: that I’d been published and continued to be published only by luck or fluke, that soon the literary world would realize I had no talent and nothing to say. But my disguise, the role I played, the impostor that I am, has not been that I am a writer.”
— cris mazza,
“I Write as a Charlatan” from Something Wrong With Her


ANORGASMIA breaks ground in both style and content, as it is a fictional sequel
to Cris Mazza’s 2014 memoir, Something Wrong With Her.

 A  woman
locked in a lifelong struggle to understand her sexual dysfunction: lack of desire and arousal, and completely anorgasmic.

 In her 50s, Cris has recently reunited with a boy from her youth who shares the origins of her sexual struggles. When
her sex-life and negative body image don’t improve, she decides to find out what it feels like to be perceived in public as not-a-woman. She finds there are some questions that cannot be answered, and some answers that must simply be accepted.